Our Story

2 years after founding a physiotherapy center in 2005, Sik Hon Ho, attended the International Federation of Sports Medicine Conference in Beijing, a city in full preparation mode prior to the 2008 Olympics. At this show, he was greatly inspired and excited by the latest developments in the multi-disciplinary science of Sports medicine, and immediately began to explore the market potential of Sport medicine in Hong Kong.

Following further research, it was clear to him that this practice, which was developed over the years to primarily support world-class athletes achieve Olympic-level goals, can significantly benefit not only top athletes, but the public at large as well. “This interdisciplinary science can and should be used to support a healthier lifestyle for people of all ages and health and fitness needs.” Soon after, these learnings were applied to his physiotherapy center, launching “Sportsline” - a comprehensive Sports Medicine Ecosystem.


Over the next four years, Sportsline grew from a niche entity to a significant player in the Hong Kong fitness market, gaining notoriety and forging partnerships from established global brands, who collaborate exclusively with Sportsline to distribute their products in Asia. In order to continue thriving as a thought leader, Sportsline expanded its suit of services to include the Sportsline Academy, offering monthly workshops and annual conferences featuring internationally recognized opinion leaders and experts as well as head coaches from the NBA, MLB and NFL on the topics including Strength and Conditioning, Sports Injury Management, Sports Epidemiology and injury prevention.   Today, Sportsline offers a holistic approach to optimal fitness and well-being, offering comprehensive assessments, data-driven objectives, state-of-the-art equipment, and the latest methodologies in Sports Medicine. Most importantly, sportsline has made what was once only available to top elite athletes available to the general public!

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Ho Sik Hon
Paley Chan
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