PUSH Band 2.0 - Fusing Science & Sport

Unlock your athletes' full potential by harnessing the next generation of sports technology, designed to bridge the gap between science and sport

Train in the way that best suits your workflow with the NEW Bar Mode. Start your sessions with less hassle with Instant Connect Bluetooth 5.0 technology. Log more than just strength training phases in the PUSH App.

Gain a competitive advantage with the next-generation of weight room tech

Solve the biggest challenges of the weight room, with one device.


Leading strength and conditioning coaches across the world use PUSH daily to inform their training decisions, streamline their group testing, and objectively monitor their athlete’s performance in the weight room.

Product Descriptions:


  • PUSH is the new trend of tech tool for resistance training

  • Records the data for velocity-based training (VBT)

  • Wireless, bluetooth connection device that can either strap on bar or arm

  • Contains a variety of tests for coaches to justify the fitness level of the athlete/individual

  • With the extra purchase of the PUSH Portal, it can demonstrate the training profile for coaches to track



  • Consist two modes (Bar & Body mode), adjust by training nature

  • Provides velocity & power output tracing

  • A variety of tests to check the individual's fitness level (e.g. submaximal 1 RM Squat, Bench press)

  • Customise the targeted velocity training zone on desire

  • Two different “beep” sounds to justify the velocity achievement

Product Benefits:


  • User friendly, the device does most of the job

  • Over 250 exercises stored in PUSH device for coaches select and track

  • Provides instant feedback to increase motivation (Not achieving the beep sound for each repetition)

  • Portable, simply a smart device and PUSH and you can go

  • Clearer direction to coach client, go indicator for periodisation

  • Flexible, even can track via free movement (jumping, MB throw)

  • Only need one PUSH to perform group training (Switch participant on tablet)

Compare with Competitor:


  • PUSH is a cost-effective tool to purchase among most of the VBT tracking tool (~4-5 times cheaper)

  • Compare with traditional VBT tool, PUSH allows both linear & 3D movements, whilst traditional can only measure linear VBT

  • PUSH provides instant velocity/power tracking to allow coaches to guide training

  • PUSH Portal demonstrates detailed training profile, leaderboard & timeline to provide a positive training atmosphere

  • Easy-to-use panel, doesn’t require a lot of learning time

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