HiTrainer - Non-Motorized Treadmill for Fitness, Sports Performance and Wellness


The source of the HiTrainer conditioning power is a result of positioning the user in the patented Drive Position to engage the maximum amount of muscle mass and combine it with interval training on a self-propelled running surface.

The immediate data feedback insures good intensity levels and motivation.

The HiTrainer peaks your metabolism very efficiently and changes you at the cellular level.  



The athlete is placed in a lean in, simulating the late Drive Phase, and their chest rests on two pads with Force Sensors. This forward lean reduces joint impact, promotes increased ground force production (propulsion), and recruits the posterior chain in a safe sprint position that protects hamstrings during maximal effort.


The most exciting aspect of the HiTrainer that is otherwise difficult to measure efficiently is Time to Peak Power, also known as explosiveness. Powerful athletes are always explosive and everyone from Olympic lifters to top sprinters chase this quality. Being able to measure how long it takes, in seconds, is the first step to making progress.

Product Descriptions:


  • HiTrainer is a cutting-edge designed treadmill for multi-functional purposes (conditioning training and speed development) 

  • Non-motorised treadmill that required force driven by subjects  

  • Force plate installed underneath the belt to measure lower limb unilateral force

  • Contains a variety of training modes for coaches/athletes to select



  • HiTrainer designs for stimulating sprinting mechanism training

  • Measures distance, speed, power output & force during  training

  • Consists four modes for athletes to train (Warmup, Walks, Intervals, Sprints) 

  • 5 different resistances to adjust the belt for training progression

  • Can stimulate sled push training apart from sprinting mechanism

Product Benefits:


  • Non-motorised treadmill can enhance the driving phase, providing a more realistic training

  • Benefits for posterior chain muscle group

  • Provides comprehensive data output (avg speed, max speed, power, force) to reflect the fitness level

  • Demonstrate the force output of left & right limb, to show if there’s any force asymmetry on both legs

  • Ergonomic design for sprinting posture, perfectly train the untrained

Compare with Competitor:


  • The only one treadmill that stimulates the sprinting mechanism

  • Relatively cheaper price comparing to similar treadmill (~2 times cheaper)

  • Detail real time feedback of data and graph shown on panel (power output, balance, speed) in watts unit

  • Instant data feedback can improve individual’s motivation

  • Ergonomic design that maximise full-body muscle recruitment

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